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  General Things To Keep In Mind When Creating A File  
We regularly work with a wide range of software applications.
If you are planning on sending us a file, it may help to look at the list below.
If your application is not listed, please call us so we can make sure your project is handled accordingly.
We recommend using one of the following software applications:

All earlier versions of the programs listed are also accepted.
Both MAC and PC are accepted!

Rules to Remember
  1. If you are going to have an object bleed (printing to the trim edge of the sheet), please extend the object an 1/8" beyond the trim edge of the sheet.

  2. When printing your file out either for a black and white, or a color proof, please print 1/4" bigger than the paper size in your file. (ex. 8.5x11 paper size in your file, you would print to a 8.75x11.25 paper).
    This is so we can see the bleed area on your proof.

  3. Remember that Color Process is CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), if you use a spot color it will be converted using the default color profile, and may not be exactly the spot color you have chosen.

  4. Make sure that all color graphics are CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) not RGB.

  5. If you want to print a two color job be sure to only have two colors in your file.
    (ex. PMS 032 Red, and PMS 300 Blue)

  6. Any color or grayscale raster (photoshop) art should be at least 300 ppi.

  7. Any bitmap line art should be at least 600 ppi.

  8. Be sure to include all linked images.

  9. To prevent a problem with fonts and font substitutions, if you can, please embed all your fonts or convert your text to outlines.

  10. It is always a good idea to print out your project and fold it to be sure the panels center out the way you intended.


Adobe Reader

Below we have some of the most common folding templates.

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